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The World is Getting a Half-a-Penny Deal

Now, that Trump is no longer in office, Thank You God, I've had time to reflect on this year. COVID-19 hit us in a big way and millions of people lost their lives worldwide, and for all us Life has changed the way we live.

We, now have to wear masks on our face all day, we must stay 6ft apart from each other and the restaurants have outside tables and chairs in their makeshift dining areas.

Do You Know How Much a Half-a-Penny is Worth???
The Answer: Nada; No Money; Broke!!@!!

And, worst of all, COVID-19 has stopped the economy for everyone, from the poor to the rich. Big businesses and small businesses suffered a lot due to the fact that the owners had to close down their stores and businesses indefinitely. Everyone was on a stand still. And our nation, U.S.A., released that home-made virus. COVID-19 showed me that we are no different. When things like this get to this type of magnitude, it affects us all.

The World's Half a Penny Deal

The World has gotten Half-a-Penny Deal way before COVID-19 , during, and after.

Do You Know How Much A Half-a-Penny is worth???

- The Answer: Nada; No Money; Broke

We are a broken nation, on all 7 continents, and we need repairing right away. Everybody nowadays, centers too much energy on how much money they have, or what fancy outfit gets you cool points, etc. This is what I mean when they say Half-a-Penny Deal, we are being distracted from our real purpose with all this obssession on gossip and cutting down the next man's/woman's feat. We are not appreciating God's Love, Mother Nature's Earth and Father Time's control over time.

People of all races are being separated all day, everyday. The Half-a-Penny Deal describes when we think we are winning but we are not accumulating progress. The negative and ignorant attitudes towards each other is causing a rift EVERYWHERE!!@!! Certain people in different nations, as well as domestic, are keeping the wars going, and are derailing the progress we should have already accomplished.

The people that would have contributed to growth/progress of our well-being and technology are being unnecessarily murdered and stopped in their tracks, leaving the world to the destructive ones. A lot of people are using their God-given purpose for evil, and there is no worth when your halfway Loving God. We should be getting smarter as time goes by, but the adults seem to be getting more dumber on purpose, and passing it on to these kids.

The men are sagging and the women are exposing their cleavage more often than none, not realizing that they are overexposing themselves to everyone. And the old folks are twerking harder than the kids, who are suppose to be the 16-24 demographic for this non-verbal assassination of rap. This is the same generation who picked on every piece of music that didn't remind of the "Oldies But Goodies", now they are in the clubs, 25 and up, dancing and twerking to this non-verbal madness, while the 16-24 demographic is asleep in their beds.

What is the Government's role in this Half-a-Penny Deal???

The government, who should be looking out for the public, but are too busy playing tit for tat with each other. Instead of dealing with the real problems in front of them and coming up with real solutions, they are too busy disagreeing with each other for personal reasons.

All of these are examples of how we are receiving a Half-a-Penny Deal. There is too much emphasis on the negative and too much ignoring of the good deeds of a person, which takes away from the growth of that person and takes away from that moment of progress.

Basically, we will continue to have nothing because everytime we come together, some knucklehead spoils the moment and reminds everyone why we are segregated, even though Jim Crow laws have been abolished for the last 50 years. But, we are moving through invisible Jim Crow laws, so much that lynchings and cops killing innocent people have come back with a vengance.

Why did Colin Kaepernik have to lose his job for kneeling down as a peaceful way to protest police brutality??? Because the higher ups doesn't want any race, let alone all the races to come together and work together. So, they split a penny in half and give it us and encourage us to fight each other, for each others half of the penny.

It's time to put those halves together and make sure we are doing right for ourselves together and for God. It's time for growth, and to find our purpose in life, because this "Haters, Ph.D" degree isn't working and only has us sinking to the bottom of the ocean. And if we keep ignoring the Signs of God and His Good, we will keep living together as a broken nation, and not receive Our Just Due. We will always be stuck under the Half-a-Penny Deal, where we receive no blessings from God, and continue to receive false promises from Satan.

Change Your Mind and Glorify God !!@!!

Boca"s Twist, 12/11/2020

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