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Finally, They Got R.Kelly!!@!! It's Time To Get The Rest

Back on March 22, 2005, I asked this question:

Why hasn't R.Kelly gone to trial yet??@@!!

From day one, I was suspicious of the title of Aaliyah's first album, "Age Aint Nothin' But A Number.", which came out on May 24, 1994. Right away, my alertness perked up and alarm bells went off. I asked my friend Natasha, "What is this title trying to say??? Because if you are16, you're 16. If you are 44, you're 44. So, how are we mixing and mingling these ages to create a love affair???

Then I was disgusted to find out that he married Aaliyah, a minor and peed on another minor and made a sex tape of it. This dude is a sicko, and it's about time he got jailed for taking away these young girls' innocence and using them as his sex toy!!@@!!!@@!!

"Up to 2.8 million teens run away every year and the 12-17 years old age demographic is at a higher risk for homelessness than any adult age demographic. These kids are not usually in a place where they can care for themselves. Many runaway incidents are preventable.

The messed up part is that these adults kept cheering him on. So, what does that say about these adults priorities??? They are basically telling the children that are in these traumatizing situations, to get over it and move on from it, when wratchedness like this happens to them. And instead of pointing a finger at Robert Kelly, they are pointing at the victims who are children. The adults are enabling this sicko's wratchedness of sexually exploitation of children. This is very cruel and this world better get it's act together, NOOOWWWW!!!@@!!!

So, here goes my thoughts on Robert Kelly A.K.A Rapist Kelly on March 22, 2005:

"Why hasn't R.Kelly gone to trial, when:

- Michael Jackson went to trial.

- Murder Inc. went to trial.

- Lil' Kim went to jail.

- Mystikal went to jail.

- Johnny Cochran died.

Yet, he is in hospitals, doing concerts and hallucinating, and doing collaborations. He tried to sue Jay-Z, which means he is willing to go to court for money, but not for his own sins.

Believe me, playing with a child's butt, penis, vagina, and nipples are sins. It's not playing around, it's child molestation. Your grown-up a** can't cuddle your child without you catching sexual feelings??? Your hands HAVE to find your way on their private parts??@@!!!?? And when your hands does end up on their private parts, you can't move it so your child or anybodies child, can feel comfortable???@@!!!?? And when you do make them feel comfortable, do you mess them up for life and molest them??!!@!!??

When you are at your NAMBLA meetings, do you use the word "molest"??@@!!!?? Or do you say: "When I play with my child, it feels good." Oh, that's right, they're not a child, they're "your friend." Excuse me, "Special Friend." I didn't know you can tell "special friends" that you will hurt them and their parents, if the child tells them about the "special game." If the "Game" is so innocent like Monopoly, why can't they tell? Cause if they tell on you to their parents, you are just going to say the children are making up and it's a misunderstanding .

Even in court, you're pleading not guilty. You plead not guilty EVERYTIME!!@@!!! Then you start blaming the children for your wratched misconduct with them. Child molesters have it out for the child when they are making the child trust them, then one day you have them performing sexual acts on your private parts, and you performing it on them.

You are praying everybody thinks the child is making it up, just on the pure fact that children confuse information at a young age. For a child to make up something like this, they would have be a born liar. I HAVE TO BELIEVE THE CHILD over any nasty old man or woman, I'm going with the child.

What Happens if the child being molested becomes the molester????

How about when these child molesters were molested when they were younger???

Well, I have no sympathy because you made a choice to continue the cycle of molestation, and molested children for a living. They feel it's right for these children to pay the price for when they were molested during their childhood. It's not the child's fault that you were molested, so how is molesting another child going to solve your problems that you were molested??!!@@!!??"

Runaway Train, Never Going Back......

Children, 12-17 years old, who runaway from their homes and family are the ones that these sex predators/traffickers prey on and kidnap for their own evil purposes. But the questions are:

- Why are these children running away from their homes at such a young age and a rapid rate?

- Why are the parents letting this happen and sleeping so easily when their child has ran away from home?

According to author Brandon Gaille, who .wrote "45 Uncommon Teenage Runaway Statistics" (

- 1 out of every 2 teenage runaways in shelters or on the streets reports that their parents told them to leave, or knew they were leaving and just didn't care.

Many teenagers run away from home because they have experienced physical abuse, sexually abuse or fighting/arguments with their parents. According to Gaille,

- "The issue with parents and teens is that the relationship needs to evolve, but sometimes it just doesn't. Instead of actively listening and finding proactive interventions to keep a relationship healthy, some parents try to beat their kids into submission. In other instances, parents discipline their children so severely because of a dispute that they feel like there is no other option but to runaway. That doesn't mean parents are 100% at fault in these circumstances , but there is one fact that must not be overlooked: in a parent-child dispute, it is the parent who must be the adult."

If you want some more information about the statitics on teenage runaways, check out this website:

Basically, the parents nitpicking on their children for trivial reasons is forcing the kids into the hands of these sexual predators and kidnappers. I know from experience, with my youngest son, that I HAD TO NITPICK because he was doing wrong things in life and hanging with very questionable people in these streets. So, I had to nitpick and I did, and he would storm out the house to avoid my concerns. But even if he was one of the baddest kids on the planet, I still wouldn't kick him out of our home and leave him to fend for himself in the streets. I can't sleep until I know he is under our roof in his bed. I don't care how many times I have to type in ANGRY CAPS, he better be inside this house and in his bed safe and sound. I don't do "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" well and I'm definitely worrying about his whereabouts at all times.

It's NOT TOO LATE!!@!! Reinvest Time and Support in Our Youths. Parents need to come off your "Pedestle" and bond with your children. You can't keeping coming at them like these children are worthless and not worth your time. You are too busy studying and worrying about what people think/say about you and what they are doing in their lives, when your child is the one that needs your help. Everyone makes mistake and if the child isn't harming themselves in the process, or committing a crime or some other negative stuff, you really need to stop nitpicking about simple shit, and let these children live.

And if you are keep nitpicking on purpose and are encouraging strain on your child's heart and mind, then you are assisting these human traffickers and you really don't care if they get their hands on your child. You really have no remorse for kicking them out in the first place. This means that you have accepted your role as co-conspirator to punish and destroy these children and your children, and It Sucks To Be You!!@!! This is sickening and disgusting!!@!! And you should be ashamed of yourselves for linking up with these traffickers and putting your childrens in harm's way. This is the most neglectful behavior that I've ever seen in person, and you all can ball up in a corner and cry.

My best advice to you runaways and potential runaways, is to put the anger into your work. You are going to have to tune out the distractions, including your parents and get your work done. These grown-ups are not for you and are seeking to destroy you and make you feel less than, and it's so f***ed up that whatever problems you are trying to leave behind when entering your home, they follow you in the home and it's co-signed by your parents. Been There, Done That, so I know how those banshee screams can get to your head.

But, I believe that it will be alright for you in the end children, because God is finally nabbing these creepy molesters off the streets and they are starting to give them major time for molesting children. Which is way better than the easy punishment they used to give molesters back in the days, when they used to give them bail and 6 months probation, if convicted. We are in a struggle to keep you educated and healthy, and out of harms way. Stick together, get your diplomas and do much better than these adults want you to do. You don't have to be sexually charged to get attention, You have other gifts about you, and it starts by getting your education, and taking responsibility for Your Life. Amen.

Boca"s Twist, December 11, 2020

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