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F-NWO(New World Order) : Evil Worry About Yourself, Leave The Happy Alone!!@!!

These 98.9% Massa Mass Media are obsessed with Everyone becoming the same because it's Easier for them to gang up on The Different than to look into their own self and see what bothers them about themselves.

And they Bond on that Hate for themselves and Project it on the people who like being happy in their skin and make them feel "wrong" for being Happy and Different.

* # TRUTH: The Most High Provides Refuge and Safety From Haters!!@!!

"Cancel Culture Communism"

"Cancel Culture" is a new way to push this "wratched narrative" that our personal thoughts and the honesty of a person being true to themselves and happy in themselves is taboo. When you notice that these truthteller topics and voices are being taken down and "not allowed" to live on these social media platforms, IT LOOKS LIKE A SETUP FROM "THE MACHINE"!!@!!

It's SCARY how they were slowly wiping out the calm, peaceful, educational and just pure fun entertainment to how fast and direct these attacks have become and A blatant statement of: "We ARE gonna do what we want, and You're Just Gonna Have a TO DEAL."


2) You have NO RIGHT to MESS With Any of GOD'S RIGHT and WRONG!!@!! #PERIOD !!@!!

It's has always been 50/50 and sometimes 80/20, but to have it at 98.9%/2.3%????? You Straight Buggin' and You aint even that Rich AND NEVER THAT POWERFUL IN ETERNITY!!@!! And since You Are In Such A Rush to "Bring On The End of the World", I hope God Stretttches It Out And Keeps Your Retarded Asses Guessing When It Comes, "F-ing-Psychics" !!@!!

You NOT RUSHING His Hand To Do Nothing!!@!! You Don't Own Nothing He Didn't LET YOU Take, and Allow You To Destroy On Your Own!!@!! TRUST, You Can't Destroy Anything You Didn't Bother to Figure Out HOW IT WAS Put Here, Retard!!@!!

So, go on Plotting and Making EveryOne Buy Virtual "Bit Coins" Currency, and What Ever You Plotting. Keep Playing Your Hand StuPido!!@!! Because Nowwww You Don't Even Have a Poker Face to Hide Behind With ALL Your Blatant Attacks on Society and Our Freedom !!@!!

Because, Now Time IS ALL a Guessing Game For ALL of US, Especially You Losers!!@!!


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