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Welcome To Boca"s Twist!!@!!

Hi, My name is Tanya A.K.A BocaTwist. I am a graphic designer that graduated from Full Sail University in May 2019 and received my Graphic Design Bachelor of Science Degree from their online school program. I am also a very God-Loving person and truly believe that He is there for all of us because he gives us Blessings upon Blessings on a regular basis, but the majority of us have a habit of "Taking our God-giving Blessings and spending it with the Devil!!@!!", and we all need to stop that kind of thank you system that we give to God on a regular basis.

Whether we want to believe it or not, This Universe, not just Earth, was not started by us humans and we need to Respect and Thank God, Jesus and All His Angels for every unexplained miracle we have experienced and You Know What I'm Talking About!!@!!

Boca"s Twist is a reality check blog, for Me and You!!@!! I pose the question to all of us, "Are we all living up to our God-giving potential, or are we settling by sitting in this Acid of Hate???". Why is it the only time we feel good about ourselves is when we are beating down the other person??? I pose this question to myself all the time, and now I'm posing it you.

I am hoping that Boca"s Twist would spark a light in You to start checking ourselves and recognizing that the negative ways we consistently exert on each other are not "The Norm" and shouldn't be considered "The Norm". We need to do better in Life and For God!!@!! #TRUE STORY

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